by Ground

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17 tracks of hardcore/grindcore/powerviolence


released October 10, 2016



all rights reserved


Ground New Jersey

Formed Oct. 2012, Ground is a New Jersey based grindcore/powerviolence band. For more info/booking contact us on facebook or at groundnj@gmail.com

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Track Name: Immanent Justice
Obsessed by the lack of control

Addicted to the guilt
Preconceived shame
Constant misery

Dopamine depleted
I cannot wrap my mind around the constant fucking struggle that is my fucking life

Compulsive behavior
Dictates my fate
Immanent justice
Destroying everything I know
Killing me slowly
I want to die
Not sure how much more I can take

One bad decision
Haunts my mind
Forever a slave
Prisoner of my own thoughts
That day will come
When I die
I will finally be at peace

Immanent justice
Addicted to the guilt
Preconceived shame
Not sure how much more I can take

Dopamine depleted
I cannot wrap my mind around the constant fucking struggle
I will never ever be at peace
Track Name: Nothing Civilized
Mind is dead.
An animated corpse with nothing working in his head.
He stumbles, equilibrium impaired,
But he watches through dead eyes and stares,
And sees a world of challenges
and fast it passes by,
A hunger he can't satiate no matter how hard he tries.
He opens his mouth but cannot speak,
An odor of putrifaction is of what he fucking reeks.

(Dead flesh,
Skin and bone left)
No wounds fresh
(A pungent stench)

A sickness is spreading and it's spreading fucking fast,
He's not disturbed, he's a walking corpse,
His day is humanity's last.

Searching endlessly to feed itself,
You're the meat and your ripped to shreds,
Now you've become one of them and get a shotgun to the head.

Nooooo (hooooooope)

For mankind, our entire species dies.
But we fight tooth and nail with an intention to survive.
Is it worth it to reclaim these barren city scapes?
A skeletal remain of a world that's civilized.o
No life left except the insects that still thrive.
Track Name: Mean Mug
It's been. Quite some time. Since we crossed paths. You know what happened last time. Ha

It's been quite some time since we crossed paths, you know what happened last time you bitch
you got fucked up quick
I bet you won't act hard again

I see you too
Mean mugging back at you
don't want it

Remember last time when you tried to step to me, I laid you straight right
out and brought you to your knees?

I see you too
mean mugging back at you

Remember last time when you tried to step to me, I laid you straight right
out and all your fiends could see

You thought you were a tough guy cuz you're 6 fucking 9 but you were lookin pretty rough guy with your fucked up swollen eyes

Mean mug your grave you've dug
Track Name: Mollywhop
What's up bitch
You got something to say to me?
I'm all ears, give me something to fight for
I've been looking for an excuse to express my
Thoughts on homophobic religious types
Middle finger to your face and a
"fuck you"
Quoting scripture like nobody can touch you,
Fighting a losing battles gets tough dude
And it's about to get harder.

See, check this.
You can say anything that you want to
And anyone with hands can straight dump you.
Missing person, a statistic, a number.
You're getting smart but this shit just got dumber.

Fuck - your self-proclaimed beliefs
(You don't know shit)
Whatcha scared for pussy,
Like you just might get fucked like one?

That you share the fear of the women you stood above?

(A waste of air, living sack of shit)

Keep your mouth shut or I'll make those eyes roll back
And hit you hard enough to make the concrete crack.

(You get dropped)
Spreading the gospel of mollywhop
Track Name: Cause Lost
Odds are
Time is up
Power through
Or lay it down?

In a cause
Only to
Just walk away?

In 200 years
We've come so far
And Jim Crow laws
Aren't who we are

Deep seated
(Of what it means
To serve your country)
Defending policy
To tie the hands of women
Forced to surrender life,
(Denying access to abortion)

Is this what you thought would happen?

(Fuck this dream, it's ethnic cleansing.)

I repeat.

Fuck the dream of ethnic cleaning
That is not me.

You're fighting
For the status quo,
A fucked system
That (never belonged to us)
Cult leaders,
Liars, cheaters
These are our American heroes?
Track Name: Culture Vulture
Culture vulture jacked my shit
Looks the part Not legit
In your face I just might spit
Who the fuck are you? I don't even know you man so who THE FUCK are you?

I'm the face of my own race
Copy cat much distaste
Swagger jacker such disgrace
So what you wanna do?
Want to take this shit outside
And fight like assholes do?

This shit is so antiquated
We're acting like some fools
I just want to know you man
I think your style's really cool

I realize that I may be stepping on some boundary

Mortal enemy we are fucking one and the same now

Swagger jacker stole my shit and I don't know if I can take it back
Track Name: Ground Up for Barbecue
I've listened to mortician now for nearly half my life yet I've never dismembered a single person with a fucking chainsaw.
Don't tell me we're not fucking positive we do life right we go brutal.
Track Name: Bored to Debt
Life's so mundane
I need a change (FUCK THIS!!)
Why don't I just spend my money on some fuckin bullshit

Im bored to debt
Nothing I regret

Until I get that statement
Then I wanna kill myself

What comes next?
I don't know
I just know I'm really fucked now

My life lines are exhausted now
I gotta find a way through this living hell

Bored to debt

I swear I'll never get this wrapped up again NO!
If I do can you tie the noose my friend
Track Name: Brain Killer
You're - Losing control I
Know - you surrendered your soul
And now the weed, beer and oxygen
Are polluting your system
Never listened for intuitions
And when you did you dismissed them.

You're drunk as fuck
On this moutain top

Now your puking up your breakfast
And cursing at no one
Warrior strength but you ain't no shogun.

Get over this,
Stop being a piece of shit
Collect yourself for you
And no one fucking else

Step the fuck back

Take a look in mirror
And get a fresh hot shower
You'll feel a little better in about an hour

You see - the truth now and you feel sick
I need something to -
hold me down - through this
Not scared - You died that day
And we're reborn
Track Name: Crisis of Conscience
I'm done with trying to explain myself to you
You couldn't walk just one fuckin step if you tried to wear my shoes

A workin mans a sucker
Well where's your self respect
It takes money to make money not pipe dreams and neglect

Got yourself a gun, you're on your grind
Fuck god fuck life fuck it all you just want to die

Crisis of conscience
You repent now
Swallowed by penitence
Face the consequence
Just in time to end your life

No God fearing man is running this ship
No crisis of conscience will ever make me acquit

I don't need no gun, I've been on my grind
Fear God fear life fear it all cuz you're the one who dies

The one Who dies
You chose this fuckin life
You chose his life pal
Now reap what you have sown

Crisis of conscience

Detriment of society
Fragile trigger finger
Where is your god now
Track Name: Grind Hard: With A Vengeance
Consider this an epitaph - "Grind or Die"
There's no honor in surrender,
Just a bleak and endless sea of white flags at half mast.
The truth is the same as it's always been,
Don't start something you cannot finish or could ever win.
We blast last and end where you begin.
All flex and no muscle,
I'm grinding 7 days a week,
Fuck reputation, we hustle.
I can't sympathize with that "poor me" shit.
Until I'm ashes in the sky I'm at that grind.
Lie, cheat, steal, bitch and moan.
You though we owed you something mother fucker?
You're not real.
At the jump off with the cheap shots,
When my whole team shoots to kill.
You think I'm losing this, but I'm not losing.
I'm not losing because I got this shit straight.
Talk all your shit and you just gave up and quit.
You were not built for this shit and you never will be.
Track Name: Cold Peace
Since when did friends act that way I'm not sure what you're trying to prove
This fragile bond has been broken and I don't know what to do
When did you think you could get away with that tough guy attitude
I just know you better lose it now or else I'm gonna start...being rude

I'll hurt feeling...and we won't speak again

You'll be left alone in squalor, forced to reflect on my valor, or you could come out and play...if you even really bothered

Return to form...are you that far gone? Or are you just... fed up with this shit life?

Man it doesn't even matter, don't talk to me in that manner...got my own problems so fuck you

Life's...so fucked up now I'm on the brink of breaking and I don't give a fuck
I'm fuckin done...and you're cut the fuck out
You're opinion doesn't matter man I don't owe you shit
Just look around...at what you've done now
You've pushed the ones you loved right into the GROUND
I've had enough...of your bullshit
Turn the fuck around if you can't face me
It's in your best interest and soon you will agree
You're not gonna walk up all tough on me
Without squaring up are we good my homie?
Track Name: Direct Aggression
In a fantasy
If you believe that your thoughts mean shit

Generalized forced to speak with empty words in order to keep everyone from feeling some kind of way

Passive but aggressive
Safe words mean nothing to me
I'm not here to offend but simply to have dialogue

Why can't I ever speak my own damn mind in order to keep my own self from feeling some kind of way

Walking on egg shells just to be your friend I don't need anyone like you I prefer this friendship ends

Fake sugar coated bullshit spewing from your mouth in an attempt to feel superior, you condemn everyone else

Death of satire
End of an era
Dawn of imbeciles draws near and cripples our future

Treading fuckin water just to be your friend
I don't need anyone like you
I prefer this friendship ends

Fake sugar coated bullshit spewing from your mouth, in an attempt to feel superior
You condemn everyone else

Generalized forced to speak with empty words in order to keep everyone from feeling some kind of way

Why can't I ever speak my own damn mind in order to keep my own self from feeling some kind of way.
Track Name: Spoil
Reward agression,
Winner takes all,
The spoils go to
The most hostile
(This is it)
Take what you can
(And lay the rest to waste)*
Forcing our hands
(To reach for others plates)**
Intimidation and demand
A culture built on hate
These choices we make
And these poisons we take
That we live for and die for
The powder, the weight
A notion of change
Won't white wash only stain
And could never be sold for
As much as cocaine. Guh!
Reward agression,
Winner take all.
A rise to power has its downfall
And the cycle repeats itself
Take what they can
And lay the rest to waste
Meet their demands
And never question things
Intimidation and demand
A culture built on hate
A means of change
Is anything - within your reach
We're born into this world alone and suffering from the moment we breathe
Everyone you love fuck hurt or hate will leave
And that is your legacy
Spoiled legacy
Spoiled legacy